Your growing online business requires a packaging company that’s ahead of the eCommerce curve. That’s where we come in.

Packaging for eCommerce

Delivering the Brand Experience to the Home

Fast-growing eCommerce companies face a variety of unique challenges with their packaging. Since your product is being delivered and not purchased in-store, eCommerce packaging needs to not only protect your product, but also help deliver the brand experience you want for your customer. This is accomplished by maneuvering between proper packaging fit, board strength and the aesthetics you want your brand to represent.

Starting with the strength and protection needed, our engineers know what it will take to get your product safely through the unpredictable postal and freight systems. Plus with our certified ISTA testing lab, we can simulate all of the bumps, drops and even kicks your package may face before it gets to your customer to make sure your product arrives safely and undamaged.

Traditional brick and mortar companies have many opportunities to create their brand experience. eCommerce businesses aren’t given these same opportunities to translate their brand experience to customers. Knowing this, we are dedicated to creating packaging that is not only functional, but that also acts as an extension of your brand.

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